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The Postal Book was first written in 2009 by David Fielder, President and founder of Postal Benefits Group. Postal Benefits Group has been helping postal employees retire successfully for over 12 years. Tens of thousands of employees have attended our retirement seminars across the country. Over 26,000 postal employees follow Postal Benefits Group on Facebook. Finally, Postal Benefits Group is proud to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB after 12 years.

David is a straight shooter and doesn’t believe in fluff or beating around the bush. Straight answers and straight talk are what you deserve when it comes to your benefits and retirement. While he doesn’t know every answer to every question, he has a foundation of knowledge that has been built over 12 years conducting thousands of retirement reviews for postal employees all over the country. The bottom line is he can help you avoid problems and mistakes when it comes to retirement.

The #1 Resource for Understanding your Postal Employee Benefits

David Fielder, Postal Benefits Expert

“Postal employees should never get their information on retirement from their buddies at work. There is no one-size-fits-all to what you should do at retirement. Just like every person wears a different size pants, every person will make different decisions on when and whether they should retire. Experience is everything when you choose who you want to help you with your retirement questions.”

What’s in the book?

Real Examples Help You Understand

Thousands of postal employees have attended Postal Benefits Group seminars in over 47 states and have raved about how much they’ve learned. David has personally sat down and counseled thousands of Postal employees on real-life situations. This experience allows him to give examples that help employees understand on a whole new level.

The implications of not understanding your benefits can be severe. Protect yourself from costly mistakes and invest in your education today by downloading a FREE copy of THE POSTAL BOOK.

What’s inside?


Your postal life insurance changes dramatically as you age. When you approach retirement you have to determine if keeping some or any of this coverage makes sense.


The vast majority of you are FERS Employees and there are several moving parts with FERS. There’s the pension component, the Social Security Component and the TSP. All employees need to understand how these work together to support a comfortable retirement.

FERS Special Supplement

We get more questions on this than just about anything and as an employee considering retirement you must understand how this important benefit works.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

The basics of the different funds as well as how to protect and maximize your savings.


Why your partnership with the IRS through your TSP is important to understand.

Military Time & Sub-time

Some of you have time that’s not being calculated into your pension. This can be prior military service or service as a sub or casual before January 1, 1989. Should you buy it or should you not that is something we can help with.

Sick Leave

Should you use it before you retire?The million dollar question is should you use it or bring those hours into the pension calculation. We have done the math and believe every postal employee needs to know how the math works.

Health Insurance

One of the most important things you have to factor in when you decide to retire. How to you maintain your coverage? How do you maintain coverage on your spouse if you pass away first? What will health insurance cost in retirement?

Disability Retirement

We have an outside expert we asked to contribute a chapter to the book. He has helped hundreds of federal employees with disability retirement and we help you understand how your pension and benefits will work if you are approved.

Survivor’s Benefits

Should you elect a survivor’s benefit or not? How much of a benefit should you choose? How does this impact eligibility of your spouse when it comes to health insurance.

Postponed and Deferred Retirement

Many of you want to leave the USPS before you are fully eligible. There are ways you can leave early but you must understand the consequences and we can help.

Straight ANSWERS

This book is direct and David’s opinions are strong after meeting with thousands of postal employees all over the country. You won’t find any fluff in THE POSTAL BOOK. 

David has spent a lot of time in improving the content since the original Postal Book and he hopes you find it helpful in gaining clarity on when you should retire.

Once you’ve read the book please take time to let David know what you think. You can email him at david@postalbenefitsgroup.net. He loves your feedback!


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