About the Author

David Fielder, Postal Benefits Expert

A straight-shooter, with a long history of postal benefits financial planning and success

THE POSTAL BOOK was written by David Fielder, President of Postal Benefits Group. As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant, David understands postal employee benefits as well as anyone you will talk to in Shared Services with one clear distinction – He’s not afraid to have an opinion about what’s best for you and your family.

The Reality

Today’s Post Office lacks personalized attention. Employees used to be able to sit down with a Human Resources person and discuss their many choices and options pertaining to their benefits. The day the Postal Service did away with these people and created Shared Services was the day thousands of Postal Employees lost.

PBG Seminars

David has conducted seminars throughout the United States through the different unions within the Postal Service. Thousands of employees have heard his straight talk an appreciate his way of taking such a complex subject and boiling it down to something anyone can understand.

The Postal Book

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